Finland 2021, 52/98, HD
A Helsinki-Filmi Production
by Joonas Neuvonen & Sadri Cetinkaya

Lost Boys

Three white men lost in a drug hell, defeated in the game of life, disappearing into the streets of Asia.
Of the three, Jani is known as the main character of 'Reindeerspotting - Escape from Santaland' and Joonas as its director, the film's main protagonist.

The naked real life story full of sex, drugs and death tells about these friends enjoying a never-ending after party following the success of the opening of their film about drug users in Rovaniemi, changing them from immortals to mortals. The party comes to an end when Jani dies a violent death in Phnom Penh.

In the film, Joonas’ camera takes the viewer into the dizzying noise of Bangkok and the alleys of night-time Phnom Penh, to the last weeks of Jani’s life and the desperate search following his disappearance and death. What happened on his last journey?

Can the answer be found in the videos shot by Joonas or in something that has yet to be investigated and faced, filmed or told? Is it all about drugs, women and money or does the trail lead somewhere deeper?

Someone knows something. Joonas is looking for his friends and the local women with whom they partied and with whom they shared whatever they had to share. He must find his own truth about what happened among the drugs and the gloom. There are no heroes there.

CPH:DOX 2021 (Official Selection, International Premiere, Dox:Award), Dok.Fest Munchen, DocAviv (Intl. Comp.), Hot Docs (Nightvision Prog), Tampere FF, Helsinki FF, Thessaloniki, Krakow FF, Atlàntida Mallorca FF, Iceland Documentary FF (Main Comp.), Nordisk Panorama (Nordic Doc Comp.), Lausanne Unterground, Fantasia IFF, EnergaCAMERIMAGE, Frontdoc IFF, Calgary Underground FF