Acquisition Policy

We look for

We look for a strong story and a creative director. Daring documentaries with good narratives – feature length for festivals, cinemas and digital platforms and in one-hour TV-versions. Films that are subversive and commercial at the same time – that change the world and don’t forget to entertain the audience. First Hand Films make people laugh, cry, fall in love and learn something. We look for universal stories, even a local love story between two peasants could do that perhaps, a biography on a local artist probably less so. Check our line up to get an idea of what we are doing right now here.

How to submit

Throughout the year First Hand Films receives a large number of proposals and completed titles. Please do not send us unsollicited screeners, but submit your project, film or series on-line here.

How we acquire

Upon receipt of your project or film that includes a link of your film or rough cut or trailer/teaser we confirm receipt and let you know if something is missing in order to assess your material best possible way. Our assessment and discussion of your material can take up to 4-5 weeks, but we always aim to get back as soon as possible. If you have a deadline because of a festival premiere or other, we appreciate to know. When we have received all requested material, you can expect one of the following reactions from us:

We have to pass on your film as it does not seem to fit our profile.
We are interested and ask to learn more.
We are interested and like to say so. We offer you a Letter of Intent for a project in development, for you to use when applying to film funding. Such letter includes a right of first refusal. Signing it means that you will keep us informed on a regular basis of the progress made and that we can decide upon the rough cut whether to include it in our catalogue – upon mutual agreement of course.
We send you a License Agreement and will look forward to proceed with you in a co-operation. More about our Launching and Marketing here.