The Business of Sales and Falling in Love – What we do and who we are

First, we fall in love. Then, we start to work. Our passion is to get good films seen, our job is to add professional know-how to further the film’s commercial career: knowledge of the markets, contacts with the relevant players, and skills to close a deal. Our business is to sell great films, and we’re good at it.


We continuously build and cultivate contacts with our clients. We know what they are looking for and when they have what kind of budgets available. A list of our clients is on our website, we work with all of them, all the time.


We are present at all major international festivals and markets as well as at specialized events to show and sell films. We visit buyers regularly on their turf in order to keep in close touch with their very individual product demands.

Teaching and Learning

We participate in local and international seminars and panels around the world and share our knowledge with colleagues and clients. We know the markets and follow the industry’s own developments as much as the technical revolutions.


We have a catalogue of more than 250 films, which makes us a solid partner for buyers who trust our profile and have neither time nor the inclination to negotiate each film they buy individually. Each film sells others in the catalogue, and the catalogue supports each film – we offer continuity.


We have, despite our infatuation, ‘healthy’ distance to the work of art. We can define its potential and make sure that it is offered to the right audiences in order to maximise results. We have the necessary experience and competence to negotiate and close complex licence agreements in the best interest of the film and its makers.

We work at our own financial risk and are independent since 1998. We invest time, effort and money up-front when we believe in a film and in its commercial potential. We only earn our share when the filmmakers do, when we have successfully closed a deal.

Esther van Messel, Founder and CEO