Things we don’t usually mention

  • Mondays are crazy because we’re not just a sales agency and a producer but also a theatrical distributor and on Mondays, all cinemas and all distributors are on the phone with each other and talk talk talk to book the films in the cinemas from the following weekend, starting on Wednesday or Thursday. There’s little time to meet in the office or online so we do a short Check In and share our week’s focus, and then plod on.
  • Apropos meetings: our offices are easily the most gorgeous in Zurich, an old factory it was once, and for five years we swooned looking at it from across the place in our former office, until there was a space for us. In the meantime, the factory got renovated and fancy but it’s still the 5m ceilings that do it for us. We need a space! (And we have it.) And as we’ve always been on the road a lot, we knew remote working well, and only got better at it during the pandemic. We now have a virtual office chat with many different channels and write to each other also when we’re in the same room ;), but mostly when not. And, better than IRL, we can add GIFs.
  • We’re three sales people, three producers, three theatrical distributors and a couple of interns, so it’s all about getting those films seen.
  • Apropos traveling, we love to take trains, planes, automobiles and sometimes sleighs. Nothing grand ever happened while sitting behind a desk, they say. It’s not entirely true but we do find gems when we go out, and so we keep with Audrey Hepburn: Paris is always a good idea. Or Tromsö, or Incheon, and always Amsterdam.
  • Between us, we have a dozen languages, a few children, and a plush anaconda.
  • At the office, we have a few plants, that sometimes live, and sometimes look like they don’t. We’re not sure we have green thumbs but we do keep trying! Shan insists there’s always hope, especially for the Orchids Esther dislikes.
  • What we also have at the office, and always, are bubbles. We love a reason to open them up, any reason really, so why don’t you come by and we’ll raise a glass to love, peace, and happiness, and to smart cookies out there who can tell us stories about them.