Raised between Zurich and the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, Milena Stokar holds a BfA in Communication Sciences and a Cutter Diploma from the International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences (CISA) in Lugano. After a couple of internships in the film industry, mostly in Zurich and mainly in production, she went for a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, majoring in Ethnology, at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland. In the meantime, she worked at the Swiss Italian public broadcasting company RSI in Lugano, first as a production assistant and then as Documentary Buyer at the Culture Department.

In 2017, after ten years at RSI, Milena decided to move back to Zurich and to work as Sales Manager and Junior Producer at the international distribution and production company First Hand Films. Her Jack Russell terrier Zora accompanies her to work almost every day. After all, that’s the only kind of dog ever to win an Academy Award.

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